The VLP Concept is an online concept store of newcoming design. Creativity and distinction are the set goals in order to choose and to distribute a quality, brand new and exclusive, product.

The VLP Concept brands are young and, most of them, based in Madrid or Barcelona. Their items are high quality, original and creative. This website firmly believes in young entrepreneurs and in their ideas and it offers a platform ruled by creativity, proximity, exclusivity and differentiation.

Attention to aesthetics and a wish to offer the highest quality are the key value that pushes us to keep offering an impeccable service and a constant pursue of distinction.

Unique and surprising products that are an answer to our desire to enhance the creative and indvidual value. Timeless collections, reduced productions, the need to return to the artisan creation where every detail builds up the items are set values that we aim to translate into a compact universe that is, at the same time, evolving in order to adapt to each personality.

The VLP Concept website offers updated fashion editorials besides services such as styling advice, made-to-measure garments, etc. A creative world in constant evolution following the eternal desire of something new.